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Reduce costs by efficiently scheduling your


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Tarot Routing in 30 Seconds


Spend less time planning.

We all know that failing to plan is planning to fail, but that doesn’t mean we need to spend hours doing it.

Tarot Routing allows you to plan driving routes quickly – you no longer have to look up your destinations on a map, allocate them to drivers, and then figure out which order to visit them.

Spend less time driving.

With Tarot Routing, your drivers will drive less to visit each destination. This is because jobs are allocated optimally to drivers, and each driver’s jobs are guaranteed to be performed in the fastest possible order.

The bottom line: You reduce your cost-per-delivery.

Tarot Routing on Laptop

Why optimise your driving routes?


Happier customers

Set customer expectations with reliable ETAs based on time of day traffic prediction. Deliver on those expectations thanks to optimised driving routes

More efficient drivers

Your drivers are now able to visit more destinations each run because they are being allocated the right jobs, and they’re doing them in the most efficient order

Improved productivity

Stop wasting human capital, route planning is a job for computers! Tarot Routing takes minutes to do the scheduling work which takes humans hours

How it works


Who’s Driving?

Enter your drivers and their details into Tarot Routing. You’ll see them appear on the map as you enter them

Where to?

Enter your jobs and their details into Tarot Routing.
Got a lot of jobs? Upload them from Excel

Let’s Route

Now your drivers have jobs scheduled to them in a run. These runs are often 25% shorter than those done by hand


Send the run sheets to your drivers by SMS or email. Integration with native mapping apps lets your drivers get on their way seamlessly

Key Features

  • Multiple drivers and depots

    Set up as many drivers as you like. They can be at the same or different depots. You only pay based on the number of drivers active on a given day.

  • Time Windows and ETAs

    Do your customers tell you when to drop by? Great, use time windows.

    Want to tell your customers know when you’re going to drop by? Great, let them know your ETA.

  • Mobile or printed run sheets

    Send run sheets directly to your drivers’ phones by SMS or Email. Prefer to print them? No worries, download in Excel and print. No app download required, works on all smartphones

  • Demand and capacity limits

    Your busses only fit 12 people? Trucks only fit 750 crates? Awesome, set a capacity limit for each vehicle and a demand for each job

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  • Business
  • Unlimited Jobs
  • Dispatch via Email or SMS
  • Smartphone Navigation and GPS integration
  • Vehicle Capacity, Time Windows, Job Durations
  • Multi-Vehicle, Multi-Depot, Multi-Shift
  • Month-to-month, cancel any time
  • $59

    per active driver
    per month

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  • Enterprise
  • All Business features plus:
  • Custom Job upload formats
  • Dedicated servers and support
  • Integration and customisation
  • White labelling and API access
  • Other routing features available
  • $119+

    per active driver
    per month

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is “Route Optimisation” exactly?

Route Optimisation is the process where a computer figures out the best way to allocate Jobs to Drivers, and the fastest sequence for each Driver to complete their Jobs so that they spend the least time driving. Computers are far better at this than humans, and can do in minutes the scheduling work which would take a human hours.

What does Tarot Routing do?

Tell Tarot Routing where your Drivers are (e.g. at your Depot) and where your Jobs are, then it will figure out which Drivers should do which Jobs in which sequence. Once it has figured this out, it can dispatch those run sheets to your drivers directly using SMS or email, or you can download them as master run sheet in excel.

Why should we use Tarot Routing?

Reduce planning time from hours to minutes. Reduce driving time by 10% – 25% compared to routes planned by hand. Increase the number of Jobs that each Driver can do in a day. Stop dealing with paper run sheets – dispatch straight to Drivers’ smartphones.

What is an Active Driver?

An active driver is the number of drivers who drive for you in a given day (or a given shift if you have several shifts per day). You might have 30 drivers on your payroll, but if you never have more than 12 driving at the same time, then you have 12 Active Drivers

Is it suitable for my business?

If your Drivers visit more than 7 destinations in each Run, then yes. Tarot Routing will save you substantial time compared to hand planned driving routes.

How much will my business pay?

$59 per active driver per month.

Can I upload my jobs as an excel file?

Yes. Please use this template. If you require jobs to be uploaded in a different format, let us know.

Can I try it out first?

Yes, get started with a 14 day free trial

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